We deliver a high number of species of Mycorrhiza.

Welcome to aurea

Looking for sales partners.

To strengthen our international presence we are looking for further sales partners in different countries – especially Central and Eastern Europe. If you are familiar with industries like agriculture/farmers or horticulture/plant breeding or other mycorrhiza-related branches you should contact us. We will train you very well, will provide a broad support and strive for a long-term successful partnership.

Please send a mail to: marketing@aurea-sys.com

Who we are:

We are a successful company in the field of Mycorrhiza. We deliver a high number of species of Mycorrhiza. 100% of the products are produced in vitro and in cleanroom conditions. We deliver products in all possible formulations, colors and sizes: granules, liquids, pelletes, powder, tablets and products for drip irrigation. Our scope of product is covering Endo Mycorrhiza (AMF, Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Funghi), Ecto Mycorrhiza and Ericoid Mycorrhiza and combinations of those different products. Our customers are companies in: Mycorrhiza business, Seed and seed treatment and seed coating, science and research, fertilizer, soil, nurseries and horticulture, garden centers and a lot of other industries. We develop tailor-made Mycorrhiza products according the requirement of the custumers and based on a full range of special services for OEMs and retail chaines. More than 95% of the plants are covered from our Mycorrhiza. The most important effects of our Mycorrhiza are: Better uptake of Nutrients, Nitrogen and Trace Elements, reduction of fertilizer, enlargement of root surface, decompaction of the soil, enhancement of stress tolerance for bad wether conditions, better supply of water and improvement of plant growth, productivity and yield. Other effects are highger resistance against various soil and root-borne pathogenes and higher tolerance against soils tress (like contamination with heavy metals, salinity, drought and high soil temperatures). We are constantly looking for sales partners in Europa and overseas to expand our well supported network.