Our Customers operating in several markets.

Our Customers

We are focused on the following markets (order is sorted alphabetical):

Fertilizer Industries

The realisation globally among the fertilizer companies have reached to integrate biological fertilizer to achieve sustainable food production. Our line of concentrates very well match with their needs.

Microbial Consortia Producers

The combination of microbial consortia with Mycorrhiza is an ideal opportunity in this market. We are the technology partner for expansion and further development of the product program for this sector.

Mycorrhiza Companies

Most of the conventional Mycorrhiza producers are now being benefited worldwide with this new development from TERI making them cost effective and highly responsible industry towards product quality. We make no competition with them!

Seed and Seed Coating Industry

This set of industries are now highly being benefited and time is not far when end user will naturally receive seeds with Mycorrhiza. Our innovation in this area is now become trend setter and opening the next generation regime.

Nurseries and Horticulture

We happily work with nurseries and horticulture companies by providing them cost effective yet quality concioues formulated concentrates.