We are proud to be technology partner of TERI.

Teri and Mycorrhiza

Biotechnology and Management of BioresourcesThe Biotechnology and Management of Bioresources Division of TERI fosters a multidisciplinary approach to solve the environmental problems and to improve plant species for sustainable utilization through biotechnology. The Division, on one hand, focuses on basic and applied research on using microbial resources for biotechnological intervention to address agriculture and energy- and environment-related issues, and on the other, supplements conventional methods of improving plant species with biotechnological techniques.

The division produces over a million disease-free tissue cultured plants annually of forestry/agro-forestry species, fruit crops, cash crops, medicinal and aromatic plants, cash crops, and ornamentals (both foliage and flowering).

This division is actively involved in the development and application of biofertilizers in a wide range of plants, and has a core competence in technology development, bioremediation, plant tissue culture, and plant genetic engineering. With ingenious combinations and permutations between these areas, important traits or genes can be introduced into plants, resulting in crop improvement and the production of novel features in plants.

We are proud to be technology partner of teriThe Centre for Mycorrhizal Research promotes cost-effective, environmental friendly alternatives to ensure higher plant productivity in marginal lands, unproductive lands, reclaimed lands and wastelands created by the industry. The Centre uses a beneficial group of micro-organisms, known as mycorrhizal fungi, which form an association with the roots of higher plants.