Agriculture as an important application for Mycorrhiza.

Application: Agriculture


Application: Agriculture The agriculture sector is one of the most important application areas for Mycorrhiza. Especially for wheat, oat, barley, maize and for most of the other agricultural crops Mycorrhiza is really an excellent possibility to improve the yield and the health of the plants.

In the agricultural sector, the advantages of Mycorrhiza which result from the in vitro production process have a special importance:
- NO soil is used for the production of the Mycorrhiza
- NO greenhouse technology is used
- Transportation is easy and cheap
- NO pollution or contamination
- The temperature tolerance for the product ranges between -20 to +70 degree Celsius
- The storage life is up to 5 years

And most essential: Mycorrhiza is appropriate for different seed coating processes. In vitro produced Mycorrhiza is fitting excellent to the different seed coating processes – from classical seed coating to film coating. Mycorrhiza which is coated to agricultural seeds is generating significant benefits for crops – e.g. higher yield, better stability and reduction of fertilizers.
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